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Digital Playbooks Drive Change

Digital Playbooks Drive Change August 26, 2015Leave a comment

Given the speed at which today’s sales reps must learn and change in order to stay ahead, the timetable for demonstrating measurable results from sales training continues to shorten. Strong sales organizations know that they must empower reps with a broader knowledge of their organization’s sales process and equip their leaders with the skills and tools to become the catalysts for driving change and gauging their team’s adoption of preferred sales behavior.

Leading organizations are developing and deploying digital sales playbooks that:

  • Capture the sales process, selling best practices, key messaging and sales tools necessary to implement specific sales strategies
  • Provide online access, available from any web browser or tablet computer
  • Provide built-in feedback and reporting tools to track usage, progress, and learning

The critical success factor is the organization of content into relevant playbooks, and structuring the content to align with the sales process. Playbooks can be focused on specific solutions, market, campaigns, competitors, selling strategies, etc. By adopting a specific content focus, the content in a particular playbook will be filtered to the most relevant for the salesperson’s immediate need. And by categorizing content by sales activity and/or process stage, the sales rep will not only find content they are looking for, but will also see other relevant best practices, tools and material, which enhance their learning.

Leading organizations are developing and deploying digital sales playbooks that:

  • Providing clear, actionable instructions on the desired selling behaviors
  • Making it easy for the sales reps to access and utilize the relevant best practices and tools during their normal selling activities
  • Enabling managers to track progress and coach each of their reps

Digital playbooks are action-oriented internal content repositories that provide a better way to organize information and track results. The process that Kodiak joins in with clients involves collaboration with project participants from design through deployment in order to ensure that their specific sales goals are met.

A digital playbook ultimately becomes home base for a sales team, an interactive online hub that acts as both a guide for reps to gain a better overall understanding of the sales process in a practical, real-life way (since it’s best to learn by doing!) as well as an effective tool for sales leaders to track and report the results from its usage.

The net impact is more reps learning new skills and knowledge faster.

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