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The Art and Science of Territory Planning

The Art and Science of Territory Planning March 7, 2016Leave a comment

The sales world is full of buzzwords people tend to latch onto. Among them: “reactive selling” and “proactive selling.”

In our work helping companies revamp their sales processes, we find that proactive selling—the method of generating and qualifying opportunities to develop a healthy funnel—often separates the best sales professionals from the merely good ones.

And one of the most important aspects of proactive selling is creating an effective territory plan: a document that contains an analysis of the opportunities in a specific region, vertical or market, and creating a prioritized list of targets and strategies to ensure you have a plan to exceed your quota.

In other words, a solid, well-developed territory plan might be the difference between hitting or missing your number this year.

But the process of territory planning is often either misunderstood or poorly executed. That’s why we created this free territory planning checklist, part of a process that’s helped companies such as ARRIS, Broadview Networks, Henry Schein, HP, McKesson and Motorola achieve—and even surpass—their sales goals.

The first quarter is almost behind us.  Have you developed your plan?  Download our checklist, and avoid the primary sales-goals-stifling mistakes companies make when it comes to territory planning.


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