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Need a sales transformation? Read this first.

Need a sales transformation? Read this first. May 15, 20191 Comment

Transformation is everywhere. Digital transformations are impacting every facet of our lives and business. This has ramifications on the world of sales too. Customer’s expectations are changing and so is how they buy. Business land is learning from consumer land. These realities are driving the need for sales transformation. If you find your business in the midst of change, read our new white paper, “7 Keys to a Successful Sales Transformation.”

This sales transformation won’t work without a clear vision and strategy. The vision you have sets the course.   Without first defining the vision, you won’t be able to fully realize the transformation you want. We’ve seen a number of change programs fail that are heavy on plans and tactics but light on vision.

The vision and strategy should be clear and concise. Distilling the vision into a sales strategy one-pager is ideal, and this one-pager can serve as an internal communication tool. A concise plan is essential to ensuring it can be shared and communicated easily and readily.

Your plan needs to create a sense of urgency. The plan must have a clear why.  Why is the change is required? Focus on identifying the external and internal challenges that your sales team needs to solve.  Is your greatest challenge acquiring new customers?  Expanding existing relationships? Are you losing deals to a specific competitor? Do your managers need to up their coaching and development skills? Maybe it’s all of these. Next, map a clear and concrete course on how to get there. To help guide the transformation process from beginning to end, that course should include explicit steps whenever possible. And, finally, make sure you identify metrics to measure success.

Our white paper starts out with key elements for creating this sales strategy one-pager: vision, challenges, sales strategy, strategic initiatives, and sales metrics. These steps help you work through your goals, internal and external challenges, road mapping your sales strategy, overhauls, initiatives for the program, and indicators to measure success.

Once you have clear focus and vision for your transformation, you can really start taking action. The next six elements of the white paper focus on everything from creating a guiding coalition and customization, to engaging managers and following through.

7 Keys to a Successful Sales Transformation” is jam packed with useful information that so many businesses need right now, and we hope you will download it. We would love to hear your feedback.

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