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Case Study

We helped Carlton-Bates transform salespeople into strategic consultants.

The Challenge:

Carlton-Bates is a national distributor of electronic and electromechanical parts targeted to the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) market. Carlton-Bates had implemented a consultative sales process and introduced Value-Added offerings to their portfolio yet their sales organization had not consistently engaged their Strategic Accounts in a more consultative and strategic manner. The transformation they were looking for started with the Kodiak Group.

The Solution:

We created a Competitive Advantage Messaging program that enables the Carlton-Bates sales team to identify their Strategic Accounts, engage executives in a differentiated conversation unlike any distributor in the industry, and through the messaging process, connect CBC’s value-add solutions to the customer’s business problems.

The Kodiak Impact:

In the first 12 months, Carlton-Bates has seen pipeline growth of over $30M in Strategic Accounts and $8M in incremental new business, and improved margin growth.


“Kodiak developed a consultative sales approach and comprehensive value proposition that was exactly tailored to our market and solutions. They motivated our reps to apply it, and we are gaining significant momentum in the marketplace, with nearly 20% growth.”

– VP Surgi-Center Solutions, Owens and Minor

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