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What We Do

What We Do

We Help Companies
TRANSFORM Their Sales Teams.

We understand the challenges you are trying to solve. Implementing a new strategy, delivering consistent results, growing revenue profitably. What challenges is your team facing? How do you plan to overcome them?

We offer Sales transformation playbooks and programs that enable companies to quickly change their approach, launch new products, and onboard new reps.

Overcoming these obstacles is hard. We get it. We’ve worked in and with leading companies worldwide to transform their sales organizations. Learn more about the outcomes and results our clients have achieved.

True Sales Transformation is more than a training event or new sales tool.

Our approach is tailored to your sales strategy and focused on overcoming your seller’s top challenges.

Using a collaborative, workshop driven consulting model, we take the time to understand your business and what’s working and what is not.  We create custom playbooks and tools that enable effective qualification, assessment, and planning.  We help your salespeople start the conversation, run effective meetings, and deliver a consistent message.  We also work with your leadership to provide them the tools and frameworks to effectively coach and lead the change.  Messaging that enable sales teams to engage new buyers, clearly distinguish their solution from competitive alternatives, and create urgency to accelerate the buying process.

Kodiak Creates SALES PLAYBOOKS Specifically For You.

Our playbook approach is focused in three areas: Sales Process, Sales Messaging, and Leadership.

Sales Process

Apply consultative best practices to enhance selling skills and drive consistent execution across the sales team.

• Aligned to the Customer’s buying process
• Sales stages and descriptions
• Best practices
• Verifiable outcomes
• Sales tools: Territory, Account, Opportunity, Call Planning

Sales Messaging

Equip the sales team with industry, solution and call-point specific messaging playbooks.

• Industry trends and Insights
• Value proposition
• Decision Maker Profiles
• Executive sales conversation whiteboard
• Solution summaries
• Competitive battle cards


Enable sales managers to coach and motivate their teams to consistent higher levels of performance.

• Coaching framework
• Cadence of meetings
• Coaching guides: Territory, Account, Opportunity, Sales Calls

Sales Training

Turn your playbooks and your sales team into a competitive advantage. Kodiak can customize any of our Sales Excellence training programs to fit your specific needs.

• Leading the Executive Conversation
• Account and Opportunity Planning
• Character-Driven Selling
• Presentations Excellence
• Negotiations to Win
• Social Selling and Thought Leadership

How Our Sales Transformation Playbooks DELIVER RESULTS.

Sales Enablement

We make sure new learning becomes everyday behavior.

Change is hard. Transforming your sales organization is a commitment and an investment that often requires a cultural shift. Making sure the change sticks is a critical component of what we do.   Our playbooks, sales apps and training programs each have support tools, coaching, reinforcement activities and metrics tracking built in

The fact is, sales transformation is only half the story.

Without Sales Enablement, your people – and your organization will revert right back to where you started.

Kodiak Makes Sure Your Organization Has The Right Tools To Continuously Deliver the RIGHT MESSAGE


Playbooks can be specific to role, solution, or industry, and can focus on specific selling scenarios or encompass the entire sales process. Sales teams leverage them for training, reviews, coaching, and meeting preparation. They can also be updated quickly and easily so your sales team has the latest information and the newest messaging.

Digital Sales Apps

Digital Sales Apps capture messaging and best practices in interactive, customer-facing apps. Cloud-based and accessible via web browsers and tablets, these apps drive interactive, consultative conversations with prospects. Reps are able to quickly engage in confident, credible conversations regarding new products, markets and value propositions. Best of all, there is immediate adoption of new selling practices that are integrated into the online selling apps.

We Manage Change To Make Sure Changes Are Permanent.

Kodiak applies a change management approach to all projects. The desired individual and organizational behavior changes are identified, and a comprehensive approach to change is deployed that includes the following:

  • Performance support tools
  • Manager observation and coaching
  • Reinforcement activities
  • Adoption surveys
  • Results tracking

What is your plan to dominate your market?