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Financial Tech

Case Study

No sales infrastructure for Q2? No Problem.

The Challenge:

Q2 (QTWO) is a $403M online banking software provider to financial institutions across the U.S. They came to Kodiak pre-IPO when they had very little sales infrastructure and were challenged scaling their sales organization. Also, they had no consistent approach to winning new accounts and no formal process for account management, renewals and cross-sales.

The Solution:

We launched a series of process and messaging initiatives to improve the effectiveness of their sales team. Key elements included a New Business Sales Process, a Customer Engagement Process, a Sales Leadership System, and a Digital Banking Messaging Program. Basically, we created a sales infrastructure that drives and manages their rapid growth.

The Kodiak Impact:

In just 3 years, Q2e’s sales organization has quadrupled. Since partnering with Kodiak, they’ve experienced over 40% revenue growth year over year. Other key accomplishments included signing 12 Tier 1 banks in the last 12 months vs. 1 in the entire history of the company.


“Kodiak focused on making sure the sales process was our process. We were crisper in identifying the challenges our customers were trying to solve, and everyone engaged with the customer was better aligned because they were clear on their role.”

– Steve Soukup, Q2ebanking, Senior Vice President of Sales

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