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Case Study

Improving Oleen Pinnacle’s sales led to the ultimate sale.

The Challenge:

Oleen Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting is a national IT consulting company for both healthcare payers and providers.  They lacked a consistent corporate message and a documented sales process to manage new opportunities and acquire new clients. They turned to Kodiak Group for insights.

The Solution:

We facilitated the development of an Oleen Pinnacle Sales Execution Playbook consisting of a new corporate message, executive value proposition, and a new client acquisition sales process. In addition, the program included associated sales tools, call plans, scripts and integration and pipeline reporting.

The Kodiak Impact:

After launching their Sales Execution Playbook, Oleen Pinnacle was able to scale the business and reach new levels of performance.  Within a year of working with the Kodiak Group they were acquired by Cumberland Consulting Group.


“Kodiak Group partnered with us to build a systematic and scalable approach to new client development.  This was an instrumental component in the marketing of our firm, Oleen Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting.  Less than a year after the launch of the program, we were acquired by Cumberland Consulting Group.”

– Pete Biagioni, Managing Partner, Cumberland Consulting Group

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