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Case Study

From $273M to over $7B? The ARRIS story is quite a story.

The Challenge:

ARRIS, now a division of CommScope, is a global communications technology company specializing in IP technologies that support broadband services for residential and business customers. They needed a process for quickly integrating new sales organizations, launching new products, and cross-selling/up-selling strategic accounts. They found the solution with Kodiak.

The Solution:

Since 2008, we have led many strategic projects including building a scalable sales process, leadership coaching tools, sales messaging playbooks for key solutions, account planning sessions, skill development programs and integration processes post acquisition of Motorola | Google Home ($2.3B) and Pace PLC ($2.6B) and being acquired by CommScope.

The Kodiak Impact:

ARRIS credited the Kodiak Group with helping them grow their revenue on an annual basis of over 30%. ARRIS expanded the depth and breadth of their key account relationships and has become the market leader in key product categories. Over that time ARRIS’ revenue has increased from $273M to $7B+.


“Kodiak Group has been instrumental in helping us enable the sales culture change required for our continued industry leadership.”

– VP Learning and Development, ARRIS Group

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