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4 Tips for Maintaining Work-Life Balance this Holiday Season

4 Tips for Maintaining Work-Life Balance this Holiday Season November 26, 2015Leave a comment
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Even in industries perceived as some of the most intense, employers are focusing on improving work-life balance. Take the investment banking industry, for instance: In an effort to improve the work environment and career development of investment banking analysts, Goldmach Sachs has recently urged their analysts to take weekends off, according to Bloomberg.

While balancing your priorities can be difficult throughout the calendar year, it can be especially demanding during the stressful holiday season (and even more so in a challenging field like sales with quarterly and year end pressure). Work responsibilities can be at their most trying just before holiday office closures, social calendars can be chock-full of holiday engagements and maintaining health can be trying amid the cold and flu season. The secret to bringing in the deals to hit your number and following through with all your social commitments and maintaining your health lies in one thing: time management.

This holiday season, follow these tips to maintain a positive work-life balance:

1. Develop a Closing Plan early on.  Do you have deals that you expect to close before the end of the year?  If so, develop a Closing Plan that includes activities that both you and your prospect need to complete in order to get the deal done.   If possible, add a little additional work to your to-do list each day leading up to your deadlines, so you can keep your tasks from getting too overwhelming at the peak of the holiday season.  This will be a huge help to both you and your coach and/or executive sponsor.  By buckling down and putting in extra effort now, you’ll keep yourself from having to scramble later.

2. Give yourself a time buffer. This tip goes hand in hand with the prior suggestion: When possible, consider setting artificial deadlines for yourself that fall ahead of your “official” deadlines.

For example, if based on your closing plan approved T&Cs are due to the Legal Department on Dec. 22, but you could get it done by Dec. 19, try your hardest to do so. This way, if things go haywire and you wind up with additional work on your plate at the last minute, you’ll be able to handle it.

The same goes for your social calendar: If you’re set to host a holiday gathering, make sure all arrangements have been made with plenty of time to spare, so you’re not running around trying to get everything done at the last minute.

3. Focus. Resist multitasking at home and at work, as it cuts down on your productivity. Instead, focus your energies on one project at a time, and come out ahead.

4. Take some “me” time. In order to preserve your overall well-being, it’s essential to take some time for yourself each day. While it can be tough to find the time, make sure you’re taking the opportunity every day to do something you really enjoy to keep your stress levels down.

In addition, take care of yourself. Your spirits are higher and your productivity is greater when you feel well, so be sure to get ample sleep, drink plenty of water and engage in exercise each day.

Work-life balance is just one piece of the sales success puzzle. Learn more about how Kodiak Group’s approach can help build a sales transformation program that improves the skills and behavior of your team and gives you a competitive advantage.

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