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How to Celebrate with Your Team on Salesperson’s Day

How to Celebrate with Your Team on Salesperson’s Day December 13, 2015Leave a comment
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Salesperson’s Day falls on Friday, Dec. 13. Do you have plans on how you’ll celebrate?

If you haven’t already determined your plans for that day, try some of the suggestions below:

Go Big. Perhaps Salesperson’s Day – rather than a company holiday party or other event – is the best opportunity to reward your team for a productive 2013. On Dec. 13, give out the end-of-year prizes, perks and rewards that your sales team members have earned throughout the past year. What could be more exciting on Salesperson’s Day than receiving things like gift certificates, travel vouchers, new gadgets, reserved parking or bonus checks?

Throw A Party. Carve out some time on the afternoon of Dec. 13 for an in-office party, complete with snacks, beverages and decorations. Have the event catered, organize food and drinks yourself or, if you’ve got team members who enjoy cooking and baking, turn the get-together into a pitch-in.

Hand Out Cards. Even if your budget is tight, you can still celebrate Salesperson’s Day in a small way. Give each member of your team a personalized card, thanking them for all they do. If possible, slip in a $5 gift card for a nearby coffee shop.

Publicly Praise Your Sales Team. Perhaps Salesperson’s Day has slipped your mind until the very last minute. If that’s the case, you can still take a moment out of the day on Dec. 13 to acknowledge and praise your team publicly.

Happy Salesperson’s Day!

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