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Three Signals That Your Sales Messaging Is Outdated

Three Signals That Your Sales Messaging Is Outdated December 17, 2015Leave a comment

When it comes to your sales messaging, are you keeping up with the times?

Read on to learn more about three big signs that your sales messaging might be outdated:

It’s Old.

This one is so obvious, yet it’s often overlooked. Are your company’s new products or service offerings fully present in your sales messaging? If not, it’s clear that your sales messaging is outdated. When this happens, we typically find that sales reps turn to their own devices when it comes to messaging. Most of us are creatures of habit and the same is certainly true of sales people. Sales people tend to sell what they know. So if your messaging isn’t keeping up with new products or service offerings, we can guarantee that penetration for these new offerings will be low.

Your Messaging Assumes One Size Fits All.

In the past, resumes – a form of “sales messaging” for those seeking employment – were static, as opposed to today’s carefully tailored documents. It used to be that people looking for employment would generally submit copies of the same master document to each potential employer in hopes of getting an interview and, eventually, a new job. That really doesn’t fly anymore. People seeking employment mold and shape their resumes according to the specific companies and positions they’re seeking. It’s not often these days that carbon copies of a static resume goes out to multiple employers.

The same goes for sales messaging. As people seeking employment are tailoring their “sales messaging” in hopes of selling their skills and experiences to potential employers, sales teams should be doing the same. If you’re not altering your sales messaging according to who you’re selling to, i.e. the industry, the role, the specific solution, etc., your approach is outdated.

You Don’t the Customer’s Buying Process Into Account


In addition to customizing the message for the vertical your selling into and the individual your calling on, top-tier sales and marketing organizations are aligning their messaging to where the customer is in their buying cycle

 If you’re using the same messaging for those in the Awareness phase as you are with those in the Evaluation phase … well, you’re sales team probably is doing a poor job of bringing unique insight and provocation to create new opportunities to the top of the funnel or deals are getting stuck in the Close stage of your sales process. This is because you’re not articulating clear value for why the customer needs to change the status quo. Your sales team should be equipped with the messaging to add value to each phase of the customer’s buying process.

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