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Five Traits of a Ridiculously Good Sales Playbook

Five Traits of a Ridiculously Good Sales Playbook May 16, 20192 Comments

The purpose of the sales playbook is to outline your sales strategy, while also serving as a reference tool for your company. It provides a foundational understanding of your sales process and is organized around best practices for increasing effectiveness and winning more deals. Read on to learn more about the characteristics of a playbook that drives results.  

It’s tailored to your business.

It must be aligned with your strategy, your markets, and your products. Each section is tailored and customized to your business, your markets, and your sales team. It should not be created in a vacuum. An effective sales playbook leverages a cross-section of your internal team to develop the components within the playbook.

It’s for existing and new reps.

A sales playbook effectively onboards new hires and serves as a reference tool for your existing sales team. It efficiently scales your sales team by packaging up the best techniques specific to your business and creates consistency within your sales process. Content includes ideal client profiles, current trends, sales plays, buyer personas, sales conversation messaging, and common objections. A valuable playbook improves the professional selling skills of your sales team and improves results.

It’s aligned with how your customers buy.

What you sell and how you sell is important, but not as important as understanding who your buyers are and how they buy your goods and services.  The sales playbook articulates how your clients buy and equips your team to lead the buying process.

It drives sales and marketing alignment.

There is a divide between sales and marketing in most companies. Marketing creates content (product literature, brand messaging, case studies, etc) that is often nonspecific to the different stages in the customer’s buying process. The sales playbook provides context and structure for what the sales team needs and when they need it to guide the buying process. We find that one of the greatest opportunities is to equip sellers with more structure and better messaging to prepare and lead more effective sales conversations.

It’s a multi-platform tool for today’s seller.

What is the makeup of your team? Are they old school or millennial and generation Z? Do they work best with a tangible booklet or an app? We have found that the answer needs to be both! It needs to be flexible with how your sellers consume content. Find a sales enablement platform or sales app that is easy to use, helps them prepare for sales meetings, and easily allows you to push new sales tips, product information, videos, etc.  The bottom line is it needs to be intuitive and valuable to the seller to get used.

If you have questions regarding playbook content or ideas on how to get started building your own sales playbook for your team, engage with us. 



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