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Summer ‘sales’ must-read

Summer ‘sales’ must-read June 16, 2022Leave a comment

Summer is approaching quickly. If you’re a sales pro behind on your number or a manager with a team that could use a tune-up, one of the books on the top of our ‘sales’ must-reads is Mike Weinberg’s book- New Sales. Simplified.  

The book reads like a sales how-to guide packed with tips to elevate your sales process.  

Here are a few of our top takeaways from the book:  

“Sales story”-  

We wholeheartedly support Weinberg’s “sales story” idea, which focuses on the customer. Therefore, your sales message needs to be authentic and client-focused. Too many companies focus on pitch decks; too often, their story quickly becomes about their products and themselves. The most important part of any sales meeting should be the typical challenges you help your clients solve. And then take the time to ask questions and understand their problems. Then align your solution and differentiators to their challenges. Mike says, “The sales story is the most important tool in your toolkit.” We agree. 

Discovery –  

At Kodiak Group, we use the term diagnose before prescribing (D before P), which aligns with Weinberg’s words, “Lead with issues, pains, problems, opportunities and results that are important to the prospect.” So how do you diagnose your prospects? First and foremost, listen! Don’t over script your discovery call, and ask the right questions. The best salespeople do more asking and listening than they do talking. The old adage that God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason is true!  

Prospect planning – 

Again, Mike hits the nail on the head, “There are prospective clients, you’ve never done business with, that have needs. You must connect with these prospects to identify if your solution will meet their needs.” Just like a CEO has a business plan, a salesperson needs to have a territory plan that outlines how they will make their number. The key to a solid sales plan includes having a workable prospecting list. Salespeople must find the sweet spot with not too many, which leads to being overwhelmed, and not too few that won’t be sustainable. 

The best sales pros never stop learning. So, make the most of your beach or car time by expanding your reading list. Then, let us know what you think. Finally, engage with us and share your ‘sales’ must-read suggestions. 

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