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Scary vs. Savvy Salespeople

Scary vs. Savvy Salespeople May 17, 2022Leave a comment
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In one of the more popular recent posts on LinkedIn, an executive discusses who he considers to be the most frightening people in business: salespeople.

The writer of “The Scariest Person in Business” is Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local and NY Times best-selling author. In the post, he shares recent personal experiences with scary salespeople – ones who cold call without having done ample research and who have lied to get access to him in the midst of an important meeting, among other things.

What he discusses in his post is, without a doubt, true: In the wilds of the business world, bad salespeople lurk around every other corner, ready to pounce.

But for everybody – both those companies selling and those being sold to – it’s a relief to know that it doesn’t have to be that way in sales. Excellent sales teams are as far from frightening as can be, which is a benefit to both prospects and to salespeople’s companies, as a good approach to sales keeps prospects from running scared and moves more products and services.

So how do companies tap into building superior sales teams with successful strategies and techniques?

How Kodiak Group’s Approach is Different

Kodiak Group is here to help.

With our systematic approach, we enable our clients to deploy sales reps who personally deliver value, engage customers in a consultative way and define solutions to address their customer’s critical business issues.

We help our clients appeal to their own prospective clients, rather than scaring them away.

Learn more about the ways we assist our clients below:

Sales Strategy
Kodiak leads engagements that define sale strategy, market segmentation and deployment models that leverage market position and realize growth opportunities.

Kodiak applies a proven methodology and templates to create compelling sales messaging that enable executive conversations—this is done by equipping sales teams with skills to bring relevant insight, ask insightful questions, and tell stories that explain how solutions solve problems and deliver value.

Kodiak consultants have years of experience developing sales processes that enable adoption of desired best practices and selling approaches that provide a competitive advantage.  We bring in-industry and cross-industry best practices to develop winning plays for each business group, product, or channel.

Kodiak provides a sales leadership system that improves planning, coaching, and execution by managers at all levels.  It takes the sales leader from the role of the “Super Rep” to one who develops sales people into critical thinkers able to execute a given sales strategy.

Kodiak applies proven training approaches to interactive, change-oriented sessions that enable fast adoption of new selling best practices, which equips your sales team with the knowledge, skills, and disciplines required in today’s selling environment.

The key to sales transformation is using performance support, change management and reinforcement to drive lasting change. Kodiak has found that the most effective approach is to embed learning and change into everyday activities and “must-have” tools. This is accomplished with our Sales Playbooks and Digital Sales Apps.

With Kodiak’s tried-and-true tools at your fingertips, watch as your sales team transforms from terrifying to terrific.

Want to learn more? Contact Kodiak Group today to discuss how we can help to you deploy a successful (and un-scary) sales team.

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